Enum t2plugin::BinaryType [] [src]

pub enum BinaryType { bt_compound, bt_int_8, bt_int_16, bt_int_32, bt_int_64, bt_int_128, bt_int_256, bt_uint_8, bt_uint_16, bt_uint_32, bt_uint_64, bt_uint_128, bt_uint_256, bt_hex_8, bt_hex_16, bt_hex_32, bt_hex_64, bt_hex_128, bt_hex_256, bt_float, bt_double, bt_long_double, bt_char, bt_string, bt_flow_direction, bt_unix_time, bt_time, bt_mac_addr, bt_ip4_addr, bt_ip6_addr, bt_string_class, }

Types of values which can be outputted in Tranalyzer2 flow files.

Enum copied from tranalyzer2/src/binaryValue.h. These types describe the types of values outputted in Tranalyzer2 columns. They are used when building a Header in the print_header method.


Trait Implementations

impl Clone for BinaryType

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impl Copy for BinaryType