Tranalyzer Background
Tranalyzer2 Tarantula Version 0.8.0 is out, Concurrent L2/ipv4/6 triple mode.
Friday, 6.7.2018
You can download the new version here!
Linux & MAC tested. Its a different and more potential beast, so check it out.

Tranalyzer2 Boeing Version 0.7.6 is out, the last Boeing before the ipv4/6 dual mode Tarantula version!
Wednesday, 16.5.2018
You can download the new version here!
Linux & MAC tested. Improved end and t2fm report. Several bug fixes.Some protocol plugins added. Improved IPv4/6 geolabeling in basicFlow plugin, now also nonCIDR ranges are possible, if enabled: SUBRNG=1. Improved packet/flow statistics for traffic mining.

Tranalyzer2 Boeing Version 0.7.5 is out!
Tuesday, 30.1.2018
You can download the new version here!
Linux & MAC tested. More support for L2 encapsulations, improved packet mode, core code refactored, fast and more precise IPv4/6 geolabeling in basicFlow(special thx to Lars from UniBW), so slow geoip might be obsolete some day. And because somebody insisted on a telnet plugin, here it is. Have fun!

Tranalyzer2 Boeing Version 0.7.4 is out!
Monday, 20.11.2017
You can download the new version here!
HashAutopilot: Protection against flow hash overflow, T2 finishes its job without complaining. New Protocols such as GENEVE, WCCP, DLT_PP:SERIAL, JUMBO_x, etc. Plugins for radius, lldp, cdp. Better fragmentation hashing.

Tranalyzer2 Boeing Version 0.7.1 is out!
Friday, 23.6.2017
You can download the new version here!
Several encapsulations added, such as ethip, capwap, anything in anything, etc. Improved packet mode, now each plugin can contribute, protocol description column, improved protocol plugins including content downloads, improved SCTP support, better human readability of end report, Improved pdf summary report scripts. New powerful tawk post processing scripts. We constantly fuzzing and testing T2 to make it resilient against all kinds of attacks.