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  • DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
  • Modbus
  • MQ Telemetry Transport Protocol (MQTT)
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
  • IRC
  • Transformations: FFT

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Training for Traffic Mining/Network Forensics

The training is intended for anyone who is willing to learn more details about IP traffic and the principle of flow-based Traffic Mining (TM).

You will be trained to do an analyst’s hands-on job trying to find anomalies in real, unencrypted and encrypted IP traffic. In the process, you might get stuck in a foxhole and have to learn how to dig yourself out. Remember, nothing is like it seems initially... or maybe it is.

There are currently two options for training:

  • Basic Training: Three days at any location of convenience.
  • Boot Camp: Two weeks to one month, depending on the goal of expertise. The Boot Camp includes homework and training in AI traffic classification.


  • A Linux laptop and working knowledge of command line bash is required.
  • Rudimentary knowledge of awk and gnuplot is nice to have.

Basic Training

  • Introduction to the most important IP protocols and header features
  • Introduction to methods of Traffic Mining for troubleshooting and security
  • Several hands-on exercises
  • Introduction to Tranalyzer
  • Philosophy, configuration and compilation operations
  • Most important plugins, including configuration constants
  • Flows and global reports
  • How to write your own plugin in C
  • Hands-on exercises on several PCAPs, in groups or alone

Advanced Training: Boot Camp

  • Like the Basic Training, only more detailed and with more hands-on exercises (3 days)
  • Application of AI in TM: do's and don'ts (2 days)
  • Encrypted packet forensics with minimum knowledge: one packet (2–5 days, depending on you)
  • Homework: several PCAP exercises to find anomalies
  • How to write your own automated post-processing script for Tranalyzer output (1-2 weeks, depending on you)
  • The 50GB PCAP: who finds the anomaly first? (If you need more that 10min, you failed)
  • Write Tranalyzer plugins for specific purposes in encrypted TM (taming the beast)

For additional information, do not hesitate to contact us